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The Winning Touch


The ultimate, fully comprehensive, washing and detailing kit to safely and effectively cleanse your car. In addition to our renowned detailing kit, this kit also features our luxurious lather snow foam, to safely lift dirt and grime, alongside our super soft magnificent mitt and super soft & absorbent deluxe drying towel.

What’s more, say bye-bye to filthy wheels; we’ve also included our unrivalled, acid free, Purple Power wheel cleaner. This super effective formula removes iron filings and all bonded contaminants that can’t be lifted simply from washing, leaving your wheels looking as good as new with minimal effort.

Our bespoke detailing bag fits comfortably into any boot, meaning you can keep your car flawless, no matter where you are whilst on the go.

1 x Winning Touch Bespoke Detailing Bag

250ml CRYSTAL CLEAR (WT3/025)


250ml SUPREME SHINE (WT4/025)


250ml PURPLE POWER (WT1/025)

2 x Magnificent Wash Mitt

1 x Deluxe Drying Cloth

5 x Super Soft Seamless Grey Microfibre Cloths

1 x Black Dressing Applicator (hand shaped).

10 x Pairs Of Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

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