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Image of Motech Eibach / Bilstein B8 full kit BMW M235I M240I made for Motech Performance

Motech Eibach / Bilstein B8 full kit BMW M235I M240I made for Motech Performance


Eibach / Bilstein B8 full kit BMW M235I M240I made for Motech Performance

There are exclusively for Motech Performance from EIbach

kits inc
4x Springs
4x Dampers

BMW M135i / 235i / 140i and 240i Lowering springs

6 speed manual cars and the 8 speed auto.

Working with eibach UK and have now come up with a spring kit that will drop the car 25mm and 20mm ( still it will retain the ride quality )

The springs will be black metallic with the part number , Motech and Eibach logo in BMW blue ( same as the brake calliper )

This set will be perfect for day to day use with out compromising the ride

High-performance shock absorbers for sporty cars.

BILSTEIN B8 gas-pressure shock absorbers offer the perfect performance enhancement to go with the sporty look of lowering suspension kits. The specially shortened high-performance shocks guarantee the required spring tension for lowering springs and therefore support the sporting and dynamic driving experience.

A change of perspective.

Our shock absorbers for lowered and lifted vehicles, paired with proper springs, ensure enhanced driving characteristics while still achieving your desired look. Our ride height adjustment kits are thoroughly tested by BILSTEIN engineers. Only when we are 100% satisfied that all criteria have been met (driving characteristics, suitability for everyday use, appearance, ground clearance, etc.), will the kit be branded with BILSTEIN.

Within Eibach UK is a team of engineers responsible for all engineering activities in supporting our UK customers. This includes design for production of springs and anti-roll bars based upon known or well defined customer requirements in order to bring them to manufacture. If the spring or anti-roll design is not known by the customer but the intent of the vehicle is known then the engineers undertake vehicle measurements to establish design specifications based upon vehicle application and customer expectation of handling. Such designs can be made to rest within or outside the scope of TuV approval. Eibach UK can source validated spring and anti-roll bar prototypes for customers to evaluate the design intent prior to production order. This route is commonly adopted by aftermarket private label customers, vehicle armourers, motorsport customer in F1 and BTCC. Due to the short lead time of Eibach UK prototyping, this route is also favoured by our OE customers who typically request UK sourced prototyping in the initial stages of a project build before further development using factory made parts. As UK customer projects mature toward volume production the Eibach UK engineering can support the customer with the anticipated requirement for rigorous Quality documentation, providing dimensional inspection reports, certificate of conformances and full automotive PPAP

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